Expert Insight: What Do Mobile Employees Really Want?


Panel discussion Constellation Ballroom A

As a new generation enters the workforce and employee expectations evolve, it's even more critical for companies to understand what it takes to attract and retain talent. For corporate mobility managers, dealing with shifting employee priorities and global talent shortages can be a challenge, but it's also a defining moment! With the right policies and programs in place, you can be the change agent that helps your organization achieve its growth targets! Join our panel as they discuss the changing needs of today's workers, and what's most important to the latest generation as they curate their career paths. We'll examine the strategies that forward-thinking companies are adopting to attract talent, provide development opportunities and support DEI objectives -- critical information in the face of disruption!

Senior Specialist, Global Mobility
Micron Technology
Head of International Mobility, US
Vice President
Weichert Workforce Mobility
Senior Manager, Global Mobility
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals