Opening Panel Discussion: Business Agility and Immigration & Tax Compliance – Can You Have It All?


Panel discussion Constellation Ballroom A

What has the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine taught us about dealing with change and being pro-active rather than reactive?

• Extended business travel, cross-border and ‘virtual’ working enable organizations to be more agile, but at what cost?

• Immigration, tax, social security and personal security risks – and the resulting reputational damage of non-compliance are becoming greater and more complex - What positive steps can your organization take to prepare for, manage and minimize risk in all its forms?

• How can you track your employees yet manage their privacy and keep their data safe?

• How can you develop a blueprint to ensure immigration and tax compliance and agility? What is the latest thinking on Duty of Care?

• With so many changes to traditional working patterns in the last 12 months or so, how can organizations address the altered expectations of employees – and how can you navigate the journey from ‘Work from Home’ to ‘Working Anywhere’?

• Do you need to redesign your policies to fit the altered business environment – and what does this mean for COLA and compensation?

• How has this crisis changed the vendor landscape, supply chains and outsourcing – and how has it affected vendor/corporate relationships?

Erickson Immigration Group
Immigration and Global Mobility – Dassault Systemes
Outbound Immigration and Global Mobility Services
New York University