Corporate-Only, Corporate-hosted Roundtables


Turtle Creek Ballroom B &C

(Moderated by in-house corporates - for in-house corporate professionals only)

(45 minutes’ discussion with 10 mins feedback)

Roundtable 1:
Building an Award-winning Team

Hosted by:
Elizabeth Minter, Director of Human Resources, Moffitt Services

Roundtable 2:
Strategic Workforce Planning & Immigration Considerations

Hosted by:
Marie Butler, Immigration Lead – West, Wood plc

Roundtable 3:
Strategies for Cost Optimization

Hosted by: 
Francisco Solis, Senior Manager, Global Talent Immigration, CBRE
Raquel Tovar, Independent Global Mobility Professional

Roundtable 4:
Managing Security Risks in Central and South America

Hosted by:
 Anthony Hanshaw, Senior Corporate Security Specialist, The Mosaic Company

Roundtable: 5
Thinking Beyond Boundaries - Alternative Talent Pipelines

Hosted by:
Noura Ismail, Global Program DirectorTalent Beyond Boundaries (TBB)
Mariam Olleik, Global Program Manager, Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB)

Director of Human Resources
Moffit Services
Senior Manager, Global Immigration
Global Program Manager
Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB)
Immigration Lead – West
Wood plc
Global Program Director
Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB)
Global Mobility Professional
Senior Corporate Security Specialist
The Mosaic Company