Corporate-only Sponsored Case Study Roundtables:


Turtle Creek Ballroom B &C

45-minute roundtable case study discussion with 10 minutes feedback from each group

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Roundtable 1:
Navigating the Future: Business Travel Technology

Join Tom Richardson to discuss innovative tools transforming the way organizations manage and mitigate travel risks.

Hosted by:
Tom Richardson, Director of Solutions Consulting, Equus Software

Roundtable 2:
Navigating the Post-Pandemic Talent Landscape

Join Fragomen experts for a breakout session that will explore cutting-edge strategies for talent acquisition and retention. Amidst evolving immigration policies, complex economic conditions, and geo-political challenges, we'll discuss alternative approaches to workforce planning and development. Topics will include:

  • Optimizing overseas assignments, including scenarios to set assignees up to return on an L-1
  • Working with F-1 Practical Training – Best Practices and Risk Management 
  • Leveraging the U.S. permanent residency process as a talent attraction and retention tool
  • Managing cost and driving return on investment within your global mobility program and policy

Hosted by:
Sarah Anstey, Partner, Fragomen
Haseena Enu, Partner, Fragomen

Roundtable 3:
Flex for Success: The Tech, Tools and Best Practices That Drive Flexible Mobility

Hosted by:
Laura Levenson, Practice Leader, Advisory Services, Weichert Workforce Mobility

Roundtable 4:
Striking the Balance: Cost Management and Employee Satisfaction in Global Mobility Programs

Exploring the balance between how to effectively cut costs while still providing a great employee experience. Based on the case study: An Innovative Soultion to Traditional Service Models.

Hosted by:
Susan Becker, Vice President of Sales, United States, Synergy Global Housing
Jennifer Binder, Business Development Director, Synergy Global Housing

Roundtable 5:
Permanent Pathways: Innovative Approaches to Green Cards

The up-and-down economy has posed new challenges to employers sponsoring foreign national employees for permanent residence. Some have gone through layoffs and are grappling with “notify and consider” requirements for the first time. Others are turning to national interest waivers to avoid PERM altogether. In this roundtable, BAL experts will detail strategies employers can use to continue their green card programs in an unpredictable environment.

Hosted by:
Mark Yelich, Partner, BAL
Nazish Ali, Senior Associate, BAL

Roundtable 6:

Getting Creative with Core & Flex Benefits to Reach DE&I, Sustainability & Employee Retention Goals

What are some new and creative ways relocation services, whether considered Core or Flex benefits, can help companies achieve goals related to DE&I, Sustainability, Compliance and Employee Retention? What changes have been implemented in the last few years that are now (or should be considered) standard practices related to these types of external goals?

Hosted by:
Michelle Velasquez, Vice President, Client Services, Preferred Corporate Housing

Business Development Director
Practice Leader, Advisory Services
Weichert Workforce Mobility
Vice President of Client Services
Preferred Corporate Housing
Senior Associate
Vice President of Sales, United States
Director of Solutions Consulting
Equus Software