Mobility Masterclass: Real-life Crisis Management – How Do You Protect Your Assignees and the Business?


Turtle Creek Ballroom B &C

Join Karen Hamady, Manager of the Center of Excellence at Chevron Corporation in conversation with FEM's Global Director, Claire Tennant-Scull as Karen explains how Chevron reacted to the crisis in Israel.

  • In such a situation, your immediate duty is to organize evacuation to a safe location, but how do you also maintain communication and build trust with employees in the midst of a volatile and dangerous situation?
  • When millions of people around the world rely on the supply of energy, how can you also minimise disruption to business operations and handle the financial implications such as tax liabilities?
  • How important are external and internal stakeholder relationships?
  • What are the lessons learned?
  • Will the team be better prepared for future crises?
  • What is best practice – and has this experience shaped protocol?

Manager, Mobility Center of Excellence
Chevron Corporation