Diana Ramírez, Organon
Diana Ramírez
Associate Director, Global Mobility and U.S. Benefits Care Lead

Diana Ramírez all-inclusive Global Mobility work experience is diverse in industries such as Telecommunications, Big 4 Accounting Firms, Educational Services, Consumer Goods, and currently in Pharmaceutical at Organon.  

Dedicated, results driven professional with a people-first attitude mindful of each organization unique vision when facilitating seamless transitions for employees across international borders to meet their business needs.

Oversees the strategic planning and execution of global mobility programs. This involves collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop policies and procedures that streamline the relocation process and ensuring compliance with immigration and tax regulations while prioritizing employee satisfaction and retention.

Committed to ongoing professional growth frequently attends symposiums, roundtables, and panel participation to discuss trends and best practices on industry related matters.

Alongside the professional expertise also possess a natural command of the Spanish language, both spoken and written. This proficiency not only allows to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients but also grants insight into cultural subtleties that can be invaluable in diverse and multicultural settings. Work experience includes teaching and customizing curriculums Spanish for Bankers.