Paul Gucciardi, IBM CHQ Human Resources
Paul Gucciardi
Systems Program Manager, HR IT Services
IBM CHQ Human Resources

Currently, Sr. HR IT services mgr. supporting IBM HR Global Mobility. Mr. Gucciardi is a business and technology pacesetter with 25+ years of success strategizing and leading organizations at the brink of transformation and growth by leveraging existing and emerging technologies, uncovering opportunities to improve operations and develop leading-edge solutions. Recently conceptualized, advocated, and led a project using IBM Watson Studio (AI) as a foundation to develop a Mobility industry first new app, Your Global Mobility Advisor, that uses historical and current data to recommend a policy budget for international assignments. Mr. Gucciardi’s success is attributable to applying product owner practical experience in redefining business processes and digital transformation to create innovative solutions that lead the Mobility industry, bringing to each project a diversity of operational, business and IT experiences and skills.