Vini Valverde, UPS
Vini Valverde
Director, Global Mobility

Vini Valverde is the Director, Global Mobility for UPS; where he oversees Global Mobility, Expat Tax and Immigration programs.

Vini has over 16 years of industry experience in various Mobility roles including being an expat, working for a relocation management provider, and being on the corporate HR side (for the past 12 years).

Vini Valverde is a passionate global mobility professional who is very involved in our mobility community. Vini was selected as The Most Admired Global Mobility Corporate Professional in the World in 2022 and Top 100 in 2021. He is currently the Sponsorship co-chair at Portland Relocation Council; Advisory Board Member at Relocation Directors Council; Senator/Ambassador for Global Mobility Journeys; Benivo Changemaker; Corporate Action Network member at Move for Hunger, among others. He has also been guest lecturer at several Universities.

Vini was born in Brazil and has lived more than half of his life outside of his home country. His passion for the Global Mobility arena comes from his love of languages, travel and living abroad in Italy for 3 years. Vini speaks 4 languages, and is a seasoned traveler having been to over 45 countries. Vini has a passion for travel and the outdoors. During his spare time, he enjoys hiking, inline skating, biking, cooking in their outdoor kitchen, and spending time with his wife Laura, and children (Matteo 12 and Kaylee 9). They currently live in Portland, Oregon.

Vini says: "Through my experience working in Mobility, no one should ever have to feel they are in it alone. It is my goal and purpose to ensure that employers provide relevant programs, fresh concepts and innovative solutions and align to the world’s greatest asset – people."