Back to Basics: Immigration & tax matters in 2021


Panel discussion

 • In the new era of working from home or perhaps even ‘working from anywhere’ what do you need to know?

• What do are the compliance pitfalls of ‘virtual assignments’?

• What do you need to be aware of with the new US administration and in the context of travel restrictions in the rest of the Americas, APAC and EMEA regions?

• Will restrictions mean skills shortages in certain sectors?

• How are immigration practices being utilized in the ‘gig’ environment?

• With so many shifts in the geopolitical landscape and with increased tax and immigration scrutiny, how can global mobility be a dynamic driver of change within organizations and business around the world?

Senior Manager, Global HR Operations
Yext Inc.
Director, International Mobility Operations
Global Mobility Manager
Brown-Forman Corporation
Director, Global Mobility
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC