Allison Stark
Allison Stark
Manager, Global Wellness
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Allison has worked across various aspects of HR for over 20 years, from benefits administration and consulting roles at Aon to her current role, leading global wellness programs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Her personal and professional passion is finding unique and creative ways to bring wellness programs to employees. Reaching beyond the traditional approaches to wellness, she designs unique programs and campaigns that encourage employees to consider their holistic wellness in new and different ways. Allison expertly manages through change, quickly adapting to shifting priorities. This agility, and the ability to leverage her network of like-minded professionals and vendors, is key to defining meaningful strategies and actionable programs. She is able to quickly define the big picture - and then work to develop and execute projects at a granular level - managing teams and partners along the way. Allison’s innovative approach to wellness makes her a popular presenter and contributor for key HR conferences and related professional organizations, and as a spokesperson to the media. Her expertise and experience are a powerful combination as she encourages other organizations to think innovatively about wellness, and to emphasize how important these types of programs are to further drive employee satisfaction, retention, and talent acquisition.

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