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We know that employee relocation can be a complicated process, but rest assured their household finances don't have to be. For those newly relocating to the U.S., finding a low-cost and friendly U.S. banking relationship can be tough. Some find that financing loans, obtaining credit cards, and applying for mortgages is even more difficult. According to a 2018 Aetna International Expat Experiences Survey*, 72% of expats said the most important aspect of moving was ‘sorting out banking and finances’, and spent 54% of their preparation time doing it. Understandably, this aspect of relocation was ranked #1 in importance over many other moving check-points. That’s why Advancial offers a superior banking program with financial products designed specifically for non-resident internationals working in the U.S. Our Inbound USA program eliminates the traditional barriers to banking by removing the requirements of a Social Security number and U.S. credit score, while giving employees exclusive access to the financial services they need. Questions like “which financial institution can I turn to for my direct deposit?”, or “how can I find a reasonable and affordable car loan?”, or “do I qualify for an unsecured line of credit?” tend to arise early on in the move process, but aren’t acted upon until employees or their families are in urgent need for these resources. With Advancial, we offer an approachable, streamlined solution that helps your employees handle their finances efficiently allowing them to spend more time focusing on work and less on personal finances. We provide valuable benefits that your employees will appreciate during the transition process.
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INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS SOLUTIONS FOR GLOBAL MOBILITY PROFESSIONALS About AFEX AFEX is a trusted global payment and risk management solutions specialist with a heritage that dates back to 1979. We offer a comprehensive range of global payment and foreign exchange services, including risk management tools and designated Account Executives. We can handle every aspect of a client’s foreign payment needs, from risk consultation to transaction execution.
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AIRINC Services Supporting Your Mobility Program Allowances, Tools, and Advice to help you deploy talent globally. To provide ongoing value to your organization, you need access to robust allowances, decision-making tools, and advice. We will partner with you along the way. Allowances The right compensation approach gives cross-border talent the freedom to focus on their success, rather than worry about the financial implications of the move. Carefully selected allowances complement your chosen pay philosophy, allowing the company to offer the employee support at the company’s desired level of subsidy. AIRINC offers an array of allowances; let us help you choose the ones that are right for you.
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Venue & Date

22-23 May 2019

Dallas Marriott City Center

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Yasmina Rahmoune

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Claire Tennant-Scull

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Fergus Bird

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Hannah Blake

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Aiden Powell

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