Expert Insight: Uniting for Cost Efficiency: Consolidating Purchasing Power for Corporate Accommodation in Global Mobility and Business Travel


Presentation Plenary (Ann & Jack Graves Ballroom)

In this session, we will discuss best practices and advice from travel and mobility managers with advanced strategies in extended stay management. We will start with an introduction to extended stay accommodation, highlighting its growing significance in corporate travel and global mobility. Our speakers will explore the primary challenges and risks organizations face when managing extended stay accommodation without a strategic approach. Examples include cost inefficiencies, inconsistent quality, fragmented processes, lack of inventory, and subpar employee experience. Christina, Vivi & Urska will present the top benefits organizations achieve by implementing efficient extended stay programs, including cost savings, centralised management/platform for booking/payment/reporting, enhanced duty of care, policy compliance, sustainability, safety, and housing option diversity. The session will provide valuable information for Global Mobility Managers interested in effective extended stay management and improving their extended stay accommodation programs.

Director of Client Partnerships America
Global Head of Employee Mobility
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Marketing Director
CEO & Co-founder