Corporates only Round Table discussion

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Please note that places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and spaces are limited.

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RT discussions will take place on 3 May at 1.20pm - 2.15pm in the Plenary room.

Corporate delegates can choose from following discussions:

RT 1: Women Travelling for Work Alone: Navigating Safety and Security in Different Regions of the World

Hosted by: AltoVita

Speaker: Christina Blonheim, Director of Client Partnerships America, ALTOVITA

"Women who travel for work alone face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to safety and security. This roundtable discussion will explore the experiences of women who travel for work, examining how different regions around the world differ in terms of safety and security. The discussion will focus on practical tips and strategies for women who travel alone, as well as the role of organizations in ensuring the safety of their female employees.

One topic of discussion will be the safety of serviced apartments for women travellers. While these types of accommodations offer many conveniences, they may also present specific risks for female travellers. This session will explore the measures that serviced apartment providers can take to ensure the safety of their female guests, and what women can do to mitigate risks when staying in these types of accommodations.

The discussion will be moderated by a woman who travels extensively for work herself and also works for a company where 70% of their leadership team are women including the two co-founders! By the end of the roundtable, attendees will have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges facing women who travel for work alone, as well as practical strategies for staying safe and secure while on the road."

RT 2: Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity with Self-Initiated Moves

Hosted by: Weichert

Speaker: Janet Markle, CRP, GMS, Regional Vice President, Weichert Workforce Mobility

Today's companies often struggle to balance the needs of their company with the needs of employees who are increasingly looking for professional and personal advancement. In these challenging times, providing mobility support to those employees who raise their hands for relocations and global assignments can pay dividends. These self-initiated moves can be a win/win: your company retains motivated and engaged talent and potential future leadership, while employees feel good about a manager/company that demonstrates willingness to foster their career and personal choice. In this roundtable, we'll discuss the latest trends around self-initiated moves and share some of the ways companies are using them to raise their profile as an employer of choice.

RT 3: Strategic Workforce Planning and Cost Considerations

Hosted by: Fragomen

Speakers: Diego Archer, Client Services Manager & Amrita Lamba, Senior Associate, FRAGOMEN

Strategic workforce planning is companies' most potent tool to achieve their core objectives within an increasingly competitive market. This session will bring together HR specialists, industry leaders, legal experts, and other Global Mobility professionals to share perspectives on budget challenges in the current mobility environment. Workforce planning is at the heart of a robust human capital management team, but economic uncertainty has hindered budgets. We now require potential policy and strategy solutions to cost-effectively meet talent needs and employee expectations.

RT 4: Navigate Global Mobility in Today’s Market

Hosted by: PZI International

Speaker: Deborah E. McGee CPA, President and CEO, PZI Consulting

With a fight for Talent all over the world, finding the right talent for your Global Mobility program is not a trivial experience – learn how to manage talent, with flexible work schedules, round the globe concierge service availability and experience in the field. Hear from industry experts on items that work, ideas that don’t and how to design and develop the best-in-class Global Mobility Organization for your industry needs.

RT 5: Navigating the journey to sustainable travel and mobility

Hosted by: Silverdoor

Speaker: Stephen Homsey, Regional Head of Americas, SilverDoor

Increasingly, Sustainability and Carbon Emissions Reduction are tangibly impacting decision-making throughout the Global Mobility supply chain.

• How, In a time of economic uncertainty, are we balancing the need to travel, business growth and profitability with emissions reduction goals?

• How has this impacted the expectations placed on service providers?

• What does sustainable travel mean to you, your clients and your partners?

• How can we measure and track the environmental impact of a travel or mobility program, such as by tracking carbon emissions or waste reduction?

• How are businesses successfully demonstrating carbon reduction in a measurable way?

• How reliable is industry data in this respect, and how can stakeholders make more informed decisions?

• In a time of economic uncertainty, how are we balancing the need to travel, business growth and profitability with emissions reduction goals?

Regardless of where you are in the journey to sustainability, this round table offers the exclusive opportunity to have a frank and relevant conversation with likeminded peers around the various challenges for the Travel and Mobility sector with sustainability. How to start, what are the next steps, how to get the right data, where can your org. act internally, and how to engage your supply chain to help encourage greater sustainable efforts. "

RT 6: Global Mobility Cost Optimization Strategies

Hosted by: Benivo

Speaker: Cara Butler, Client Development Manager, Benivo

"Join us for a roundtable discussion on how Global Mobility can help organizations save costs during an economic downturn. As Global Mobility is often viewed as a cost center, it is critical to identify ways to contribute to organization-wide efforts to be more economical. Our focus is discussing practical solutions that can make the most significant impact in achieving cost savings. We welcome all viewpoints and experiences, as many of us have dealt with this issue before.

Benivo recognizes the value of technology in driving cost savings and improving the employee experience. We have successfully assisted numerous global mobility programs in achieving their organizational goals through innovative solutions."