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Emily Abrams - World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Sr. Manager, Immigration & Global Mobility

Emily Abrams is an award-winning, internationally recognized expert on immigration and global mobility.

She has extensive experience in overseeing complex immigration, global mobility, and international assignment programs, while mitigating risk, overcoming regulatory challenges, and ensuring optimal business and employee outcomes. In her roles, she has streamlined and enhanced immigration and global mobility efforts, while growing volume and scope of work, and delivering significant bottom-line profits.

Recent highlights include:

• Helping to spearhead, facilitate, and support WWE’s business transformation effort, “global localization,” which aggressively recruited foreign talent to “localize” content and to engage international consumers, who account for almost 30% of WWE’s total paid audience.

• Provided immigration solutions for international talent at WWE’s first international training facility, the WWE UK Performance Center.

• Prior to COVID-19, ensured availability of foreign talent in WWE’s 2 traveling brands for 433 live and/or televised events annually, including 67 international events in 23 countries each year. She specializes in P-1 visas, O-1 visas, B1 in lieu of H3 visas and permanent residency petitions.

• During COVID-19, she successfully navigated 20+ global travel bans, quarantine challenges, visa restrictions, global consulate closures, and suspension of premium processing. This positioned WWE as one of the only sports and entertainment companies to produce live content uninterrupted throughout the pandemic.

She is a strategic business part and is highly respected and appreciated by her colleagues, as well as the service providers that work alongside her.

Marie Butler - Wood plc
Immigration Lead – West

Marie has been part of the mobility Wood family for over 15 years, she's been a constant strength in the West throughout multiple organization, team and vendor changes. Marie has made such an impact in my team, the feedback I receive (without asking) proves why she is a worthy winner:

I feel truly lucky to have worked with Marie. She was an incredible partner, with an impressive grasp of complex immigration concepts and program management that only increased over the years. She has always been quite skilled at anticipating cases that may require special handling and proactively working behind the scenes and with the legal team and foreign national to ensure a smooth process and desired results. I really could not have asked for a better global mobility partner and I’m hopeful I’ll get to work with her again one day. IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY

Marie is the consummate professional. She is a true expert in her field and partners with the business and individuals with passion. Her attention to detail ensures our mobility practices are understood, adhered to, with opportunities to improve identified. PRESIDENT, REWARD & MOBILITY

Outstanding, so grateful for all of your hard work. Marie is very service oriented, and we all appreciate your efforts! BUSINESS UNIT PRESIDENT, Concerning critical visa applications. Marie has been so supportive. This morning I had a call with her (intended to be for 30 minutes) and she really gave me the time and space to discuss all of the questions.

She always provides clear detail and helpful attachments to help us with our cases and I am super thankful for her continued support and guidance. Sometimes I feel like I am fumbling through the Immigration world and really am truly thankful for Marie and her partnering with the business.

Marie offers great support and keeps us engaged and in line. I am also so excited to hear of some of the process/policy developments that are happening and really think that they will be so helpful for the BPs and the Business. BUSINESS PARTNER No-one in the Company has done more for immigrants like me caught in complex processes, I am so thankful for you to be on our side. EMPLOYEE My wife and I have moved around 17 times over the last 23 years so we know a good team of mobility folks when we see them! Our experience moving across this time was seamless and was only made this by Marie and the wider P&O group. So, from me and my family, a massive thank you for all the support – it made such a difference to our move and I am very grateful. PRESIDENT, INTERNATIONAL RELOCATION.

She's also:

Published our first US immigration procedure.

Built mobility intranet content and launched.

Created and published project forecasting reports for budgeting

Partners with business leaders to ensure fairness and equity across the program. Marie won't shy away from having a hard conversation for the right reasons.


Mary Corrales - Synergy Global Housing
Director, Global Business Development

Mary has worked in global mobility for 23 years, consistently inspiring industry colleagues. She has been voted one of Benivo's Top 100 Mobility Professionals and was Synergy's Top Salesperson of the Year.Mary is also a three-time winner of Prudential's Chairman's Circle award, their highest honor.

Mary has an incredible gift for communication borne out of her own neurodiversity (dyslexia), a challenge she has overcome since childhood, and influencing her success. Her passion for innovation in communication and education resonates in everything she does. This, combined with vast industry knowledge and positivity, brings overwhelming admiration from colleagues – she's a positive role model forging a pathway for people who learn differently. Mary's consistent and remarkable contribution is evidenced here:

Client: Ray Kirby, Global Mobility, Coinbase:

"I can't say enough positive things about Mary! She's not just a strategic thought leader (ensuring the best outcomes for my employees), she goes above and beyond in supporting our industry. Whether it be in her past role as President of the Arizona Relocation Council or as Meeting Chair for the Puget Sound Relocation Council, Mary brings a level of professional, enthusiasm and raw talent that allows her to innovate and influence like no one else I've ever worked with."

Supplier partner and past President of Southern California Relocation Council (SCRC): Michael J Filia, AutoRelocationPlus, Inc.

“I had the privilege of working with Mary Corrales as President of the SCRC... ...

On all boards, there are different personalities to work with. Mary was always a positive role model in her dealings with some of the more challenging individuals. She is the most creative person I know and is constantly improving the way our meetings are conducted with her great ideas.”

Mary uses innovative learning techniques - adapted and honed since childhood – to educate industry colleagues. She applies fun - like Mobility Bingo and interactive, engaging training videos - to create an inclusive environment, enabling everyone to collaborate and share their unique perspective.

Evidence of Mary’s influence throughout the industry is plentiful. Mary is a highly respected and active presence in the industry, known for her passionate advocacy and commitment to education and leadership –routinely planning, presenting, and attending industry meetings, conferences and educational sessions. Mary’s dedication, expertise, and positive attitude have earned her a reputation as a go-to resource for colleagues seeking guidance and inspiration. Volunteer roles she has held (last 12 months) include:

- President, ARA

- Secretary, SCRC

- Education Chair, PNwRC

- Secretary, PRC

A testament to her skills and seen as an experienced and trusted leader in the industry, Mary’s clients quickly sought her out after she joined Synergy. Her reputation for her consultative approach, and outstanding customer service, swiftly resulted in new client signings. She continues to add significant value to sales strategy, diversifying our client base, and partners with colleagues worldwide resulting in significant wins. When client contacts move companies, the strength of her relationships regularly result in a new signing. From Synergy’s perspective – Mary is remarkable!

Camilo Gomez - ASML
Immigration Manager

Camilo Gomez is the Global Mobility Profession of the Year because he has worked tirelessly to improve the rapidly growing U.S. immigration program at ASML. After Camilo led an RFP effort that required an enormous amount of time, energy, and resources, ASML hired Fragomen to handle all inbound U.S. immigration work for the company and I have had the pleasure of working closely with Camilo to turn the company's program around while also preparing to scale it to align with the company's massive growth trajectory. We have achieved tremendous strides together in a very short time that would have been impossible without Camilo's hard work.

Camilo is constantly trying to work with us to improve all aspects of the company's immigration program, is mindful of benchmarking against competitors and leveraging immigration as a means of obtaining and retaining talent for the company, and has worked with us to overhaul and implement a brand new set of immigration policies for the company that just took effect this year. He is empathetic to the company’s employees while also keeping the business informed about cost and budget projections. He is a creative thinker who leans into change and has been a phenomenal partner. He pushes his team to embrace improvements to the program via change while also remaining thoughtful in his approach.

Camilo draws on his many years of experience in the industry on both the immigration service provider and client side to ask pointed questions, make thoughtful suggestions and take new ideas through to execution in an efficient manner. His analytics focused approach has also proven very fruitful in making a business case for trying new things. Since he took over the program, a previously frustrated group of international employees is now expressing gratitude to Camilo, his team and our team for assistance with their immigration matters. The program is organized with more efficient processes and the immigration policies are clear to all stakeholders. I feel lucky that I get to work with Camilo on a daily basis and know that he would make an excellent choice for this award.

Inigo Lopez - BiCortex Languages

We all work in Global Mobility and we move people. However, I wouldn't imagine to have to physically move people myself, as part of the ESG/CSR efforts of our company.

This happened on March 2022, when I took my campervan and drove to the Ukrainian border with Poland to take humanitarian aid and safely bring refugees to Spain. This is not about quality of service or innovation, but about putting myself available to make a better world, and thanks to my reputation in the industry, other professional were involved in other activities to help Ukraine. During the trip, I stopped in Paris and Frankfurt, where other relocation companies gave some additional humanitarian aid to bring to the border, and helped me letting me sleep at their places and feeding me after long driving hours.

As part of our ongoing support to Ukraine, we are currently providing free virtual Spanish language lessons for Ukrainian refugees. We've completed more than 500 hours so far to more than one hundred refugees.

I would like to see more real actions in ESG/CSR in our industry.

Deborah E McGee - PZI International Consulting
President, CEO

Deborah E. McGee, CPA has been an International HR/Global Mobility professional for nearly 30 years. Having started her career in expatriate taxation with both Anderson and KPMG, Deborah managed large global accounts ensuring that policies, taxation, compliance, and payroll issues were top priority in global organizations.

After 14 years in the field, Deborah changed directions to become an internal mobility corporate function lead at both Lafarge and Doosan Infracore. With populations of more than 2,000 international assignees, 500 domestic relocations and 3,000 international business travelers per year, Deborah designed and managed a global Center of Excellence, (COE), IHR function for these organizations.

With the knowledge from the large corporate experience and supplier connections, Deborah started her own outsourced mobility COE organization, PZI®International (PZI). PZI specializes in small to mid-size corporations that need a complete end-to-end solution to manage the complexities of Talent globalization®.

Being a current CPA and Licensed Insurance Agent, as well as having held both the SHRM-SCP and GPHR certifications, Deborah understands that to really help organizations, as professionals, we must have all the answers, or know where to get them quickly.

As the only National Foreign Trade Council awardee of the Global Human Resources Innovation Award for her groundbreaking work over 10 years ago, Deborah was recognized for successfully combining Talent Management with Global Mobility.

Deborah currently owns and manages 5 corporations that affiliate with each other to maximize clients’ needs and ensure the PE, IHR, Tax and Accounting pieces of all these different companies are maintained. PZI has branches and subsidiaries in 26 countries (expanding to 35 before the end of 2023) and has 200 employees in 20 countries and 10 states.

With PZI, Deborah is incorporating our own Relocation Management Company, International Insurance Brokerage and Software Development Company, as well as a Global Training Organization.

Melecia Niles – OneTrust
Senior Manager Global Mobility

Melecia has been an impact to the global mobility industry for many years building mobility program from inception to maturity for companies such as Mentor Graphics-Siemens and OneTrust. She has great work ethic, attitude and zeal.

She excels in any given tasks and is a transformation type leader who is not afraid to empower and encourage her teammates. With her experience she has been able to mentor and positively uplift her coworkers.

Melecia has served in Human Resources functions for over the past 23 years with the last 15 years specializing in Global Mobility. Melecia is a seasoned Global Mobility leader and currently manages the strategy, design and development of the OneTrust global mobility programs.

Elia Torres - DEEL INC
Global Mobility Lead - LATAM

DEEL INC is a start up firm revolutionizing HR by automating payroll, compliance, HR, immigration and more into one tool. Deel's new HR platform simplifies tech tools for global businesses by helping them manage global teams, from payroll, benefits and equity to working visas and equipment. It’s one platform made to get our clients set up compliantly in just 5 minutes.

Elia is the current Global Mobility lead managing the immigration services for 10+ countries in LatinAmerica handling the entire visa process in-house, taking the burden off our client's HR team. Elia makes sure our clients attract and retain the best GLOBAL talent. From finding the proper visa and forms to working and forming partnerships with local governments, obtaining a visa to work in another country can be tricky and time-consuming and Elia and her team makes it easy for our EOR employees to work everywhere. Now employees can work remotely from anywhere and we make everywhere happen!

Elia was recognised in the Benivo GM Top 100 Rising Stars in 2022 ( for her contribution to Global Mobility and Immigration in the NAMI, EMEA and LATAM regions.

Elia started her Global Mobility career as a consultant for a big 4 accounting firm (KPMG LLC) and later on work in the technology industry to manage her own Global Mobility program at Verizon. She has worked abroad in India and Poland and has personally experienced working internationally.

Elia is helping chart a new path for Global Mobility, embracing HR innovation and a borderless world where companies and their employees are learning to navigate remote work —co-creating new rules, new boundaries, and a new relationship.