The Talent of Tomorrow: Global Mobility Student Case Competition Final and Audience Vote


Presentation Plenary (Ann & Jack Graves Ballroom)

FEM is proud to introduce some of the coming stars of the mobility world with the final of the UTD Global Mobility Club Case Competition.

FEM will be awarding the following prizes in this prestigious contest:

1st Place: $1,500

2nd Place: $1,000

3rd Place: $500

YOU the audience will be the judges and will vote for your winner as we see the Top 3 teams of students present their solutions to one of these topics:

Topic 1:

How has hybrid work affected global mobility? Analyze post pandemic trends that will continue to affect/reshape the industry?

Topic 2:

How can companies maintain employee retention after an international transfer/assignment?

Topic 3:

How can companies reduce the cost of international assignments without losing talent?

Topic 4:

There are many university students who are not aware that global mobility industry exists. Think of ways to spread awareness of this industry and how it impacts universities and college students

Topic 5:

Describe the industry before and during COVID-19m what do you think the post-pandemic industry will look like?

Topic 6:

What type of companies would benefit from having a (global) mobility department that currently do not have one? Analyze and present examples of companies that should have an internal global mobility department?

These three teams have been through a demanding set of elimination rounds - 16 teams began the competition – so our finalists have now had the benefit of mentoring from these great mobility leaders – and we thank them for all their support:

• Tom Richardson at Equus Software

• Cindy Bedford at Deloitte

• Suzie Chapman at FM Global

Global Director, Content & Events
The Forum for Expatriate Management
Director, Center for Global Business
The University of Texas at Dallas
Global Head of Employee Mobility
Hewlett Packard Enterprise