Keynote opening address: Why Mobility Matters – Educating and Training the Future Generation of Global Mobility Professionals


Keynote Plenary (Ann & Jack Graves Ballroom)

Educating future global mobility professionals requires determination and collaboration of many actors:

It involves planting a seed within the industry to contribute their current resources in order to generate future global mobility professionals and leaders. It involves planting a seed in students’ minds that global mobility is an exciting and complex industry that is critical to the success of a company’s international operations.

It requires faculty to bridge the gap and provide multiple opportunities for industry and students to come together to ideate about the future of global mobility as well as the skills and competencies required to thrive in it. Creating a legacy for the global mobility industry started with a strong partnership between the Center of Global Business at the University of Texas at Dallas and global mobility partners that is now known as JAM (Joint Academe-Mobility).

Through JAM we:

• Elevate the awareness of global mobility within academic environments

• Pursue ideas to strengthen existing partnerships and start new ones

• Advance the practice by conducting high-quality research and providing solutions to existing problems

• Aspire to create global mobility talent that will succeed in the business world of tomorrow

Director, Center for Global Business
The University of Texas at Dallas