Mobility Masterclass: Taking Global Mobility to the Next Level - Delight your Customer


Presentation Plenary (Ann & Jack Graves Ballroom)

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high. It’s no longer enough for us to meet our ‘customers’ needs, let alone exceed them.

The pressure is on to go above and beyond and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. As providers of services under increasing pressure and cost constraints, we must get creative and find ways to improve the customer experience and delight our customers at every stage of the process. The impact we have on an individual’s experience can make a huge difference in how they view their employment relationship, and in how much they perceive their employer’s value them as employees and, more importantly, as people.

In this Masterclass we will examine the different customer relationships in the mobility lifecycle and come up with ways we can work toward delighting our customers and creating positive outcomes that don’t necessarily increase cost.

• If you are a Global Mobility professional, this class will help you examine how you work with your internal and external customers to improve delivery of services to the business and your employees.

• If you are a supplier, this class will help you look at how you interact with your corporate clients as well as the relocating employees, to create a step-change in delivery of your services.

• Let’s face it, at the end of the day we all want to experience a positive and rewarding mobility experience, and that means something different to each person involved in the process.

• Let’s step away from the technical side of mobility and dive deeper into the personal experience.

Principal Global Mobility and Immigration Partner