Mobility Masterclass: Onboarding & Deploying Staff to Fill Urgent Business Needs


Workshop Davidson Gundy Alumni Center

The demand for qualified healthcare professionals is critical. Many organizations look to international staff to help fill the influx of available roles.

Not only does Conexus MedStaff help fulfill urgent business needs, but the in-house onboarding team prioritizes the experience of its international healthcare professionals, offering personalized on-the-ground support to each nurse and medical technologist.

  • So, how do they achieve this? What are the challenges and the rewards?
  • Do they use technology to manage these tasks?
  • How scalable is this model?

Join Elizabeth Minter, Director of Onboarding & Deployment, as she sets out the roadmap for this fascinating transformation.

Bring your questions!

Director of Onboarding & Deployment
Conexus MedStaff