Robert Lesser
Robert Lesser
Independent Global Mobility Professional

Rob Lesser is a lawyer with more than 35 years of experience in major international organizations, including Morgan Stanley and Arthur Andersen. While Rob administered and advised on mobility programs, he also personally experienced them, having lived and worked in Asia and Europe.

At Morgan Stanley Rob handled international tax, relocation and immigration. He is widely credited with building a best-in-class program with effective and efficient domestic and international policies with fair and equitable administration. His policy, procedural and administrative changes saved nearly $200 million.

Since retiring, Rob has helped organizations such as the World Bank, GE, Johnson & Johnson and others achieve results similar results. He has presented on global issues to corporations such as CIGNA International and on expatriate policy to numerous industry organizations. He previously headed the Expatriate Management Committee of the NFTC and has lectured in the US, Europe and Canada to organizations such as the World Bank, Manhattanville College, Rutgers, Clark University and Harvard Business Schools and others on HR and relocation policy as well as outsourcing, offshoring and restructuring.  Rob also spent the last 3 years as the CEO of startup PFS Americas and led it to success in becoming the leader in energy saving supermarket freezer applications.

Rob’s work has not been limited to the private sector. He has provided advice to Democratic and Republican candidates for state and federal office and has been working to resolve conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. He has authored a new approach to peace between the parties, met with senior leaders of each party and it is expected that his ideas will prove useful when talks restart. Rob is an active Board leader of the Israel-Palestinian Cooperative for Economic Expansion that has brought improved medical programs to Palestine and increased cooperation between Palestine and Israel.