Keynote Panel Discussion: How Can You Attract, Engage, and Retain the Global Talent Your Business Needs Now – And What Skills Will be Needed in the Future?


Panel discussion Plenary (Ann & Jack Graves Ballroom)

Global Mobility is increasingly being allied with talent strategy – so how do you identify, attract, develop and retain the talent that your business needs – not just now, but in the future?

  • How will AI impact global mobility and talent management?
  • Are your recruiting and talent management processes and workforce planning fit for purpose? What is best practice?
  • Is your talent strategy and company culture aligned?
  • How can you address operational efficiency and business critical needs whilst developing the talent needed now and in the future?
  • How can global mobility identify and attract more diverse talent to serve a rapidly changing environment?
  • How can you attract and develop new, fresh talent?
  • How can you better support, develop and engage your key talent?
  • Are we teaching and training for the skills we’ll need?

Associate Professor of Instruction, Organizations, Strategy, and International Management
The University of Texas at Dallas
Senior Director, Global Mobility
Marketing Director
Partner, Workforce Mobility Advisory